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Shipping from the seller/store to Remambo

Usually, domestic (Japan) delivery from the seller to our warehouse is paid by the buyer. The delivery cost from the seller to the particular area of Japan if usually mentioned in the auction description. Remambo warehouse is located in Honshu island (本州), Hokuriku region (北陸), Toyama prefecture (富山県), Toyama city (富山市), so sometimes you can know the exact cost of delivery from the description.

However, in most cases, the final cost of delivery becomes clear only through correspondence with the seller.

Sometimes the cost of shipping is included in the price of goods (free shipping). This is certainly reported in the specification of the auction.

Carefully read the description of an auction. You can determine the shipping cost often quite accurately.

The fee amount varies depending on the actual weight, size, delivery origin, shipping method, etc. However, it is usually around 150 yen to 2500 yen.

Remambo requires sellers to use a shipping method with tracking number when they ship packages to our warehouse in order to avoid the items to get lost.

* If the seller offers a shipping method without a tracking number, we may request them to change it to the one with a trucking number.
* Even when the seller states “Free shipping” at the auction, Remambo may request him/her to change the shipping method with a tracking number and insurance, and if that is the case domestic shipping fee might occurs.

For Remambo, there are many cases where several individual users end up winning auctions from the same seller at the same time. In order to make sure that the items are properly separated and identified, we require sellers to ship each auction item individually with a different tracking number.

Due to this requirement, different auctions of the same seller are processed separately, shipping from the seller and Remambo fee are charged separately for each auction.

We do this so we can connect each package to the correct auction and to the correct customer, and hope that you understand why we cannot ask sellers to ship multiple auctions to us together.

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