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Usage fees

Remambo service fee: 500 yen (200 yen for VIP) per order.
If you are a wholesale buyer, we are always ready to discuss flexible working and shipping conditions.
* For shopping sites, an "order" refers to any number of items purchased together from the same store at once. For Yahoo! Auctions, an "order" refers to a single auction.
* Items won from Yahoo! Auctions will incur a 200 yen payment fee.

You always pay: item price, Remambo service fee, international shipping cost, your payment method fee (credit card, etc.).
You sometimes pay: shipping cost within Japan depending on the store or seller, consumption tax (10% of the item price, if the store/seller charges it), payment fee for items from Yahoo! Auctions.
You never pay: for asking questions or contacting sellers.

Options (on client's request):
— If you want us to take pictures of your item before shipping internationally, it will cost 500 yen per order.
— If you want us to add padding and other protective materials to your international parcel + new strong carton box, it will cost 500 yen for the whole parcel.
— If you want us to wrap packaged international parcel with protective stretch film, it will cost 200 yen.
— If you want to change the content of a package we have already prepared for shipping, it will cost 500 yen to repack it.

Optional Services Fee (on client's request)

The fee for checking contents of package received from the seller with the auction photos and description.

Read more about Contents Checking Service

¥ 500

The fee for grouping multiple orders together into one international parcel.

Read more about Package Consolidation Service


The fee for removing seller's packaging and repackaging into new cardboard box or postal packet.

Read more about Repackaging Service

¥ 500

The fee for wrapping packaged parcel with protective stretch film.

Read more about Stretch Film Wrapping Service

¥ 200

The fee for splitting one order into two separate orders at warehouse.

¥ 250

The fee for modifying the contents of a shipment once it has already been packaged.

¥ 500