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What is Yahoo Japan Auctions sniper bid?

With delayed bid functionality (auction sniper bid) you can automatically bid on last minute auctions.

Our sniper bid will be placed 5 minutes before the auction ends (for auctions with automatic extension enabled) and 15-20 seconds before the auction ends (for auctions without automatic extension).

Sniper bids are not made in real time. They are placed within the last minutes before the scheduled ending time of an auction. As long as your maximum sniper bid has not been surpassed by another bidder's maximum bid and the seller has not ended the auction early, the bid should be placed for you just before the end of an auction.

Your deposit balance is checked by our system when your sniper bid is being placed to the auction - on last minutes before auction ends. Please, don't forget to add needed sum to your deposit.

You can check items that you are currently sniper bidding on from your account page - Sniper Bids.

* Sniper bids can be placed, changed or canceled only up to 10 minutes before end of the auction.

* Sniper bids are not accepted for auctions with quantity more than one.

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