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Payment methods

— What methods of payment are available on Remambo? Which is preferable?

You can pay from debit cards, credit cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express) directly through our website or via PayPal. Also you can use your Paypal account balance, UnionPay and International bank transfer. If you make small payments, the fastest and the cheapest method is credit card or PayPal. If you want to deposit more than 50,000 yen, it would be cheaper to use Wise.com, but it may take from several hours to a work day.

— Can I waithdraw funds left on my deposit balance?

Please check our Refund Policy details.

— Are there any payment gateway deposit fees?

Payment gateway fees depend on the payment method you choose.
— For PayPal it is 3.7% + 40 JPY.
— For credit/debit card payments via Stripe - 3.6%.
— For Wise payments - depends on the payment amount and your payment source. Usually it's less than 1%.
— For UnionPay - 3.7%.
— For international bank wire transfer - 2000 JPY. When paying via an international bank transfer (SWIFT wire transfer) you are responsible to pay the wire transfer fee. If you don't pay the wire transfer fee, our bank may charge up to 5000 yen or more for one transfer.

— Why do I have to pay Credit Cards, PayPal and other payment processing fees when paying from my PayPal account or with a credit card?

Online shops usually hide credit card payment fees in item prices, making them higher, so it looks like you don't pay these fees. Remambo works as a buying proxy service and charges only 500 yen for the whole order, so we can't make item prices higher or compensate the fees in any other way. This is the reason why we charge you payment fees explicitly.

— How do you count credit cards gateway payment commission? I added 3.6% but got another amount.

Our credit cards payment gateway retains 3.6% of the transaction amount as a commission. Let's try to count together. For example, your item costs 10000 yen, it is not enough to count 3.6% of 10000 yen and add it. If you do so you will get 10360 yen. But if you pay 10360 yen, payment gateway will charge 3.6% from the 10360 yen (not from 10000 yen), and Remambo will get only 9987 yen. This is why your calculations might be a bit different. The same principle appplies to wire bank transfers and other payment methods charging a percentage of transaction amount.

— All prices are shown in JPY, but can I pay in USD or any other currency?

We accept only Japanese yen, but you can pay in yen or in any currency, available in our system for cards or PayPal payments. All your payments will be automatically converted to JPY. The rate for available currencies is provided by Stripe payment gateway.

— What is conversion rate to JPY from my local currency?

If you pay in currency, available in our system for cards or PayPal, the rate provided by Stripe payment gateway is applied. When you pay in Japanese yen, your payment is converted from your local currency to Japanese yen by PayPal or your card's bank automatically. You can check the conversion rate on the PayPal or on your card's bank website.

— How long does it take for money to reach my deposit?

For bank cards and PayPal, your payment will be automatically added to deposit in about 1-2 minutes. Sometimes PayPal or Stripe payment systems may check your payment for 24 hours if it looks suspicious. If 24 hours passed and your deposit is still not added, please contact us. If you pay by international bank transfer it usually takes 1-3 days. When you are going to make an international bank transfer, please inform us in advance, so we can identify your payment faster.

— How can I check all payments?

All your payments and refunds are displayed in the Purse balance link on your account page.

— I see negative values in my deposit. How is this possible?

Sometimes additional expenses are charged after purchasing. For example, when you buy items on auctions, in most cases domestic delivery costs are charged after the seller tells us exact numbers (after negotiating with him about inland delivery and payment methods). If your expense amount exceeds your deposit, it will be displayed as a negative values.

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