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Terms and conditions (restrictions)

— No bidding on spray cans (aerosols)

Remambo cannot ship spray cans, packages containing spray cans or other pressurised aerosols.

Items such as hair spray, tonic, face lotion, deodorant and gas canisters are likely to be packaged as spray cans.

Please check that the item is not a spray can before purchasing.

— No bidding on frozen, refrigerated or perishable goods

All packages that arrive at our warehouse are stored at room temperature.

As a result, frozen, refrigerated or perishable goods that arrive at our warehouse may thaw and spoil.

Please be careful not to purchase frozen, refrigerated or perishable goods when shopping online.

— No bidding on prohibited items

We are unable to ship dangerous items or items which are prohibited in certain countries.

Please check the list of prohibited items before bidding.

Remambo will not process shipments containing prohibited items.

!!! Recent items commonly received at our warehouse that are prohibited from overseas shipping: Perfume — As according to international shipping restrictions, perfume cannot be shipped due to high flammability.

— Non material goods cannot be purchased

Purchasing of non material auctions is restricted. Examples of non material goods: gift card codes, game accounts, any services etc.

— Basically, No cancellation and returns

Cancellations after placing a bid on an item are not permitted. Cancellation, return or exchange cannot be applied for the following cases even if there are discrepancies.

* Fake or imitation goods
Our inspection does not cover checking the authenticity of goods, and Remambo does not take any liability for inspecting for fake or imitation goods. Therefore, when bidding on brand name goods, the customer bears full responsibility for the item.

* When items (such as electronics or machines) do not function properly
We do not test items for functionality. Therefore, Remambo does not have any liability of the items in case you find out the items you received have problems with function or other mechanical problems. However, we can still inquire about the problems to the seller if customers request. Any inquiries can be sent to our customer support by email.