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Can I withdraw funds left on my deposit balance?

Yes, you can withdraw funds left on your balance within 180 days from your last payment if you paid with PayPal, or via Stripe for your credit or debit card.

Funds added by other payment methods (Wise, Local or International Bank Transfer, UnionPay) cannot be withdrawn.

Refund request must be sent from Messages of your account page.

Withdrawals are made manually, so it may take up to 2-4 work days to process.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the time of the payment once it has left our area of responsibility. PayPal and Credit Card processing merchants guarantee the return of funds to the card within 30 business days from the date of conclusion of the transaction.
If your original payment was made with a PayPal account balance, the funds will come on immediately after our operator has processed your request.

* During a withdrawal, no Remambo commission fee is taken. However, in some rare cases, the amount of the withdrawal might slightly differ from the amount that you paid when charging funds into your Remambo account. This may happen due to currency fluctuation, your bank system fees, or other various factors that aren't related to Remambo.

* Please be noted that PayPal and Stripe changed their payment fees refund policy back in 2019 (PayPal) and 2020 (Stripe), so PayPal and Stipe do not return their initial payment fees anymore:
PayPal refund policy change notice:

Stripe refund policy:

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