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One marketplace for all Japanese items

You can purchase any Japanese goods on Remambo because we deal with all online Japanese stores and auctions. We have integrated the most popular Japanese online shopping websites: Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping and Yahoo!Auctions. You can also easily add any other items to your shopping cart that can be purchased online from other websites in Japan. Just add items by URL to the cart, and we'll do the rest.

Real-time bidding on auctions

Using Remambo, you can enjoy real-time bidding on the biggest Japanese online auction: Yahoo Auctions. This means that you don't depend on the operator who manually enters bid for you. You can track the items and bid at any time, 24 hours a day.

We fill in your shipping documents

We prepare, fill in and print out all the necessary shipping documents and customs declarations for you, free of charge.

Long storage time

You can store your items in our warehouse for 60 days, free of change. It is longer than any other proxy service can provide. You can also manage the stock yourself and decide when to pack and where to ship your items, just with several clicks from your account page.


Transparency, monitoring orders statuses

You can check the full breakdown of your expenses: all the prices and all the operations regarding your items are visible from your account. We track and report to clients all stages of the transaction, from the moment the auction was won by the dispatch of parcels to the client. All items and packages have their status, which allows to track the state at any time.

Safe packaging

Japanese online shops usually do not pack shipments securely, because Japanese domestic delivery services handle packages with great care. For international shipping, that is not enough to prevent damage. We can safely repack your packages to make sure they can undergo international shipping with minimal risk.

Perfect reputation

Our customers support team is always ready to help and answer all your questions. We have served thousands of customers, and nearly all of them give us the highest satisfaction marks in their feedbacks.


Low, flat service fee

Remambo service fee per auction or order (order in online store can consist of several items) is flat and low. No percentages, calculated from the item price. NO payment or bank transfer fees for orders from online stores. It is profitable to buy expensive goods through our service.

Optional services

We have optional services for you: Package Contents Checking, Package Consolidation, Protective Package and Stretch Film Wrapping. All optional services fees are low and fixed. Pay only for services you really need.

Shipping discounts

You get a discount for international shipping price right after you send and receive your first parcel! The more you send - the cheaper international shipping price. Maximum discount is 10%!

Buyer Protection

You can request optional Buyer Protection insurance. Bid on auctions without worries about fraudulent sellers.
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