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We provide a Buying Service for Japanese Websites. We bid on your behalf and send the items you buy to your address overseas. In particular, our work is the following:
- negotiating with seller
- payment for auctions/orders
- receiving items in our Japan warehouse
- compiling and packaging parcels
- sending parcels from Japan to clients addresses overseas

We are not responsible for the bad faith of Japanese sellers and for the activities of third parties in the following cases:
- goods sent with a delay,
- goods sent, but does not match the description,
- item not working (although the seller has been declared working).

We also do not accept liability for any loss or damage to goods in transit from Japan or in Japan. In such cases, the claims should be directed to the postal company.

We are not responsible if you bought the wrong item, which is planned under the influence of incorrect automatic translation from Japanese to English.

Translation tool is for your convenience only. The accuracy and accessibility of the resulting translation is not guaranteed. If, after reading the description and viewing photos doubts arise in performance or item bundling, it is better to bet on another similar item or get advice from our consultants.

We are not responsible for the actions of those to whom you gave the password to your account or who gained unauthorized access to your account through your computer. In our system, the passwords to the accounts of customers are encrypted and are not known even to employees of Remambo.

Remambo — intermediary between you and the seller. You buy a product, we send it to your address.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the outcome of a problem with a third party (Japanese seller, store, shipping company, your country's customs etc.), you promise not to start coercive proceedings against Remambo via payment or banking organisations. This promise is a part of your commitment to the Terms & Conditions that you accept from the moment you register your account in our service.
Our Shipping And Payment Providers