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Repackaging Service

In general, orders that arrive at our warehouse will be shipped out to you in the boxes they arrived, e.g in the exact state as we received them from sellers. We offer an optional service that allows you to apply for the order to be repackaged in a secure manner.

If you want us to remove seller's packaging or you are concerned about the packaging of fragile or important items, please apply for our Repackaging Service.

What is the Repackaging Service?

When repackaging, we remove all packaging from sellers and pack everything into a new cardboard box or special postal packet in a secure manner, using our packaging materials (bubble wrapping etc.).

Once your item is at the Remambo warehouse, you can easily select it from your My Orders and apply for parcel compile and repackaging option!

* A separate fee 500 yen will be charged for use of the Repackaging Service. We charge this fee once for the whole international parcel, not for every order, packaged in this parcel. For example, the cost for repackaging of 5 separate orders into one box will be only 500 yen.

* Irrespective of whether or not the item has repackaging option, any accidents or damage incurred during the delivery process will be compensated for by the delivery company (Japan Post).

Terms and Conditions

* The parcel information cannot be changed once the application has been made

The parcel cannot be changed once you have submitted your application.

* The weight of the package may change

Our warehouse staff will do their best to ensure that your item is packaged securely without adding to the overall weight of the package, but sometimes this is unavoidable. Please be aware that in some cases the weight of the package may increase.