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A collection of frequently asked questions relating to Remambo.

— How do I bid on Yahoo Auction items?

Bidding on auction items via Remambo is quick and easy!

Just follow these instructions.

— How do I order items from Japanese online stores?

Ordering items from any Japanese online store is very easy.

Just follow these instructions.

— Will I save money by using the Package Consolidation Service?

In most cases, because you will only be shipping one package overseas, the cost of shipping will be cheaper if you apply for package consolidation.

— I want to know the full list of costs involved when using Remambo.

Please check our fees page. We also provide an estimation tool to help you calculate how much your package will cost to ship.

— Will I be charged Japanese consumption tax?

In general, consumption tax is already included in the price. However, for certain auctions where the seller operates an online store or if an online store shows prices without tax, your order may incur additional consumption tax. In this case, we will charge you the consumption tax (10% of the winning bid or item's price).

— Will my package incur customs duty? If so, how should I pay for it?

Customs duty may be incurred depending on the contents of the package and the destination country. In most cases, you will have to pay the customs duty in cash before you can receive the package.

Depending on the country of arrival and delivery area, customs fees may be incurred in addition to the costs charged by Remambo. Please kindly note that Remambo is not associated with or related to customs authorities nor responsible for any customs fees charged. For items purchased through our service, if customs procedures or payment of duties is necessary, it is the customer's responsibility to carry out the procedures or pay for any fees incurred. For details regarding customs duties for items purchased, please contact your local customs office for more information.

— How much do I pay for customs duty?

Your customs duty and its rate depend on your package content, price and the destination country.

Our usage fee does not include customs duty. Therefore, the customer will be charged customs duty separately.

— Can Remambo declare my item as a gift in the parcel's customs declaration?

No, we can not declare your parcel as a gift. We must always send parcels as "merchandises" to comply with the Japanese Customs laws.

— Can I edit values in the customs declaration?

Due to the mandatory nature of the Japanese Customs Laws and the declared values control to comply with the legal authorities of the destination countries you won't be able to amend values of your orders in the customs declaration.

— I have a question about an item I'd like to bid on. Who should I contact?

If you do not have a problem communicating in Japanese, you should contact the seller directly.

— The item I bought was a fake brand item. What should I do?

After winning an auction, Remambo forwards the item overseas to you.

We will do our best to check that the item information matches the item delivered to our warehouse if you request this optional service, but unfortunately our inspection does not extend to identifying fake brand items.

— I bid on an item through Remambo, but I would like to cancel my bid.

Unfortunately once you have placed a bid, the bid cannot be canceled.

Please be sure you are committed to buying before placing a bid. Think twice, choose wisely, bid clever, and be happy!

— Even though I won the auction, the item has not been shipped. What should I do?

If you successfully win an auction but the item is not shipped, we will negotiate with the seller to find out what has happened.
If the seller returns the payment, we will refund the money to you.
However, please understand that if the seller does not return our payment, we will be able to refund to you our Service Fee only.

If you paid Buyer Protection insurance fee for this won auction, you will be refunded with the full purchase cost. Please contact our Customers Support Team.

— What should I do if the item is damaged, dirty or there is a problem with the quality?

In general, Remambo will simply send your item to you after winning the auction.
Because of the nature of auctions, many items will indeed be dirty or damaged.

— I would like to return an item to the seller, but the seller claims they do not accept returns or refunds, pointing to the item description. What should I do?

In general Remambo will not negotiate with the seller regarding returns or refunds, with the exception of when the item is significantly different than stated, damaged or missing. We don't offer returns of goods and products for any reasons. All purchases are final and non-refundable.

We ask for your understanding.

— I don't know if the item I wish to bid on is a restricted item or not. What should I do?

Please contact our support team from "Messages" page of your Account page.

— What happens if the auction I win turns out to include a prohibited item?

If the package, we receive from the seller, includes a prohibited item, we will have to dispose of the item without any refunds.

Please check carefully whether or not the item you wish to bid on is in our list of prohibited items before you place a bid.

— My package arrived, but the item is very different from the one described on the auction. What should I do?

Please contact our support team.

— How long can Remambo hold items for me before shipping them out?

Remambo will store items at our warehouse for up to 60 days before shipping.

Please understand that if payment and international shipping are not completed before 60 days, we reserve the right to dispose of the item from our warehouse without any compensation.

— Can you send my item to an address in Japan?

We only offer shipping to addresses overseas. It is not possible to ship to a domestic Japanese address.

— Are there any shipping methods besides EMS available?

We offer several shipping methods: FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS, SAL International Parcel, SAL Small Packet, AIR Small Packet (international ePacket), Surface (Seamail).

— Why are items such as lighters and nail varnish included in the list of prohibited items?

Items such as lighters, nail varnish and perfume cannot be shipped by the shipping methods we offer because they contain flammable substances.

Please also note that empty, new and unused lighters are also considered prohibited items by Japan Post.

Please check carefully whether or not the item you wish to bid on is in our list of prohibited items before you place a bid or order.

— Roughly how long does it take for my item to arrive at my home after winning the auction?

After winning an item, it will usually arrive at the Remambo warehouse within a week. If you pay for international shipping immediately, the package should arrive to you within 7-15 days (EMS).

However, please understand that the package may be delayed due to postal or customs processes, or by the online store.

— I wasn't able to pick up my package in time and it was returned to Japan. What should I do?

The package will be returned to our warehouse. You will need to pay for international shipping again to have the package re-sent.

— My package has not arrived. What should I do?

If your package has still not arrived one month after being shipped overseas, please contact our support team.

— How can I find out if my package has been shipped?

After you have paid the parcel costs, Remambo will send you an email notifying you when we have shipped your package.

You can also check the status of your package from your "Parcels list" page.

— The item I won has arrived at the Remambo warehouse. What should I do next?

Please login to your account and compile a parcel. Then pay the international shipping fee and other costs for optional services from your "Account page".

— How can I apply for the Package Consolidation Service?

If you mark multiple items from your Orders list page and compile a parcel, Package Consolidation Service will be requested automatically.

— Can I change the shipping address after paying for international shipping?

You cannot change the shipping address or package information after paying for international shipping.

Thank you for your understanding.

— Can I apply for the Package Consolidation Service or Repacking Service after paying for international shipping?

You cannot apply for package consolidation or repacking after paying for international shipping.

Thank you for your understanding.

— When do I pay the consolidation, repacking or stretch wrap fees?

You pay these fees at the same time you pay for the international shipping of your package.

— Is there any size limitation or weight limitation for international shipping?

Please check size and weight limitations here.

— Can I choose a specific date to receive my package?

It is not possible to choose a specific date to receive your package.

If the customer cannot be reached at the time of delivery, a notice will be left on the customer's door.
Please follow the instructions in the note on how to proceed.

— I would like to make my package as light as possible.

We do not accept requests for individual packages.

Customer requests such as "Please do not use packaging supplies and make it as light as possible" and "make my package smaller and send it to me" have often led to damaged products.

Therefore, we do not accept packaging related requests.

— I would like to return my package.

We don't offer returns of goods and products for any reasons. All purchases are final and non-refundable.

— Can I bid on an item if another Remambo customer bids on it?

Yes. If more than one Remambo client bids on the same item, you can enjoy "Bidding Wars" in the same way as you bid with your very own Yahoo Japan ID.

— Are there any problems to send me a pointed carving knife?

No, there is no problem. There is no restriction on the home use and export of cooking knives including pointed carving knives. We cannot handle a Katana (sword), butterfly knife, and any knives that are originally made as weapons.

— Is it possible to send me an air soft gun?

No, we do not handle it as we have a lot of procedures to take for exporting it overseas.

— I would like to purchase directly from a store, not through you. Could I just ask you receiving and forwarding the items to me?

Remambo service is a shopping deputy, not forwarding service. We cannot offer our service if there is no purchase transaction.

— The auction was not ended within the time and extended many times.

You may have seen this many times if you use our service often. This is not our service rule, but Yahoo auctions' unique rule. We call it “Automatic Extension”.
The time is extended for 5 minutes when there is already a bidder and another one bids within 5 minutes before the auction is ended.

— Could you refund me if I win an item which is not possible to be shipped to me?

You cannot cancel an auction you win for any reasons. You have an obligation to make payment even if the item cannot be shipped to you.

— Can you include the store's receipt/invoice into my package?

All purchases are made by the name of our company, not by the customer's names. We cannot provide you a receipt or invoice from the seller/store due to the protection of confidential data of our company and Japanese sellers.
By default we remove all receipts and other papers, received with the packages, during international parcel packaging. These papers are needed for our financial and accounting needs.

— I would like to cancel my auction bid.

You cannot cancel any auctions once you bid. Please think twice before you place a bid.

— It says the seller does not have business transaction with agencies on the auction description. Is it possible to place a bid?

Please refrain from bidding as it may be canceled suddenly or take too much time for the transaction.

— I am planning to bid on several auctions from the same seller. Could you ask him/her to combine shipment and payment?

For Remambo, there are many cases where several individual users end up winning auctions from the same seller at the same time. In order to make sure that the items are properly separated and identified, we require sellers to ship each auction's items individually with a different tracking number.

Due to this requirement, different auctions of the same seller are processed separately, shipping from the seller and Remambo fee are charged separately for each auction.

We do this so we can connect each package to the correct auction and to the correct customer, and hope that you understand why we cannot ask sellers to ship multiple auctions to us together.

— I am not satisfied with the item. Could you set a bad feedback on the seller for me?

Basically we do not set a negative feedback on sellers. This is because sellers who received bad feedback might give bad feedback back to us out of revenge for us.

No matter what reasons, if we have any bad feedbacks, there is a possibility that other auctions are canceled or we get a limitation on bidding.

We know how you feel, but we just do not leave bad feedbacks on sellers for the above reasons.

— I used EMS/FedEx/DHL/UPS for shipping, but my package was delayed. I would like to get a compensation or refund for the shipping.

Sorry, but we have no control over shipping. Even if your shipment is late, we cannot refund you for the shipping if you receive your package successfully. Also please be noted that we do not file claims to shipping companies for the shipments delivered with a delay. FedEx, DHL and UPS offer special shipping rates to Remambo. As such, we are not covered for the Money Back Guarantee in case of delivery delays.

— If my order gets cancelled, will I be refunded immediately?

By default if your order is cancelled, paid amount is automatically placed to your Remambo deposit (purse) balance.
You can use it to pay for your next orders, international shipping etc. or you can request a refund from Messages of your Remambo account if you don't plan to use our service in the future.

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