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How to order and buy from Mercari?

Step 1: Access Mercari on Remambo:

Step 2: Search for items

Step 3: Add Mercari item to your Shopping Cart

Step 4: Pay for the order from your Remambo account page

Remambo system will purchase your Mercari item automatically and instantly if there is no need to leave a comment to the seller before purchasing.

Step 5: Consolidate and choose shipping method

You will receive a notification from us when your package is in the Remambo warehouse. From that moment, we can consolidate several of your orders together or repack the package if it is too big or fragile. Choose which items you would like to ship together, select shipping method and delivery address. You will be able to edit titles in the shipping label and customs declaration. Also you may leave a comment to our warehouse staff about your parcel.

Step 6: Pay international shipping cost

We will quickly ship the parcel to you. All our shipping methods have tracking numbers. Please wait for the parcel arrival. Happy shopping on Mercari JP!

What is Mercari?

Mercari Japan is a flea market mobile app and a website where individuals sell new or pre-owned products to individuals. Sometimes, our customers from different countries call this website Marcari or Mecari, but in Japan we read its title as Merucari.

Mercari is the favorite online flea market app for Japanese fashionistas. Also it's the perfect place to search for rare goods to add to your lovely collection of Japanese items. Or resell them in your country, why not? Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy on Mercari Japan directly when you live outside of Japan.

Mercari Shipping

When you use Remambo proxy service, you'll get help with Mercari's entire buying and shipping process and so you can score some great deals on Mecari. Ordering items from this website is really simple with Remambo.

Does Mercari JP website ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Mercari Japan is limited to those who have a domestic Japanese address, but that doesn't mean that your location should limit your shopping. So if you want to buy products listed on there, you will need to use a proxy service, such as Remambo.

Our proxy shopping service helps thousands of people living outside Japan buy from Japanese online stores that are usually impossible to purchase from when overseas.

FAQ about Japanese version of Mercari

Is Mercari safe?

Mercari marketplace is pretty safe if you follow some simple rules: only buy from sellers with good ratings; if it seems like too good of a deal to be true, it likely is.

Plus, you are absolutely safe if you choose Buyers Protection option for your orders.

How to translate Mercari Japan to English?

Mercari JP website is available only in Japanese. But you can use Google Translate to automatically display the Mercari site into the language of your choice. This is not perfect but should give most of the information required and ease the navigation of the website.

How to download Mercari Japan app?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to download the Japanese version of the app on your mobile outside of Japan. You will need a Japanese App Store or Google Play accounts, also you'll need a Japanese mobile phone number to recieve an SMS with confirmation code, and you will need to log in with Japanese IP address. We recommend using the Mercari Japan website.

Why mercari is so popular in Japan?

The app's widespread appeal is chiefly attributable to its straightforwardness: Users simply take a photo of the desired item, select a few relevant options, and set the price. What sets Mercari apart is that, upon purchase, both the seller and buyer have the option of remaining anonymous.

Is it possible to pay with PayPal or Credit Card on Mercari?

Remambo does accept PayPal payments for ordering from Mercari Japan. So you can order anything from this flea market through Remambo "Add item URL" order form and pay with your PayPal.

We also accept debit or credit cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express), international bank transfer (SWIFT wire transfer), Wise (ex: TransferWise), from all around the world.

Best Mercari Japan Proxy Service

We created our service to help foreign customers who want to buy from Japanese online stores and auctions. As an expert in purchasing and shipping goods from the domestic Japanese market to customers overseas since 2015, we at Remambo Japan Shopping Service offer the easiest way to buy from Mercari marketplace.

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