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Why is it hard to buy Transformers dreads from Japan?

If you are trying or have attempted to purchase products from Japan then you most likely noticed that most stores and sellers on Rakuten JP, Amazon JP and Yahoo JP Auctions do not offer international shipping options. It’s really as simple as that.

Many Japanese people on the local level don’t speak English so dealing with countries abroad is not of interest. If you notice a store that does offer international shipping options then it is likely it will be out of your budget. Most Japanese merchants only focus on their domestic market and make no effort to open up to the rest of the world.

Many Japanese sites do not accept foreign payment methods. Do not expect to use your North American, European or your local credit card to pay for your order directly from Japanese online store.

If you want to buy products from Japan, you need to use a Japan proxy service.

We created Remambo to solve all these problems. People from all around the world have found some of their favorite items through us and have already fallen in love with shopping with Remambo.

The team recommends these stores and markets:

Yahoo JP Auctions
Mercari Japan
Rakuma Fril
Amazon Japan
Bape Japan
Pokemon Center Online Japan

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