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What is doujinshi?

According to Wikipedia, Doujinshi (Dōjinshi) is the Japanese term for self-published works, usually magazines, manga or novels. Doujins are often the work of amateurs, though some professional artists participate as a way to publish material outside the regular industry.

It's a linguistic blend of words doujin, meaning "same person", and shi, short for “zasshi”, which means magazine. Most of the time, they are inspired by popular manga or video games.

Groups of doujin creators are called “サークル” or “circles” in English. Also they may be referred to as “coterie” as well. Each circle has its own distinctive art style and specific interests.

Doujinshi is a unique form of comic storytelling that originated in Japan and has since gained a massive following across the world. These independent comics are created by amateur or self-published artists, and are typically sold at comic conventions in Japan. The word "doujinshi" translates to "same-person publication," which refers to the fact that these comics are often created by fans or enthusiasts of existing manga or anime franchises.

Despite their amateur origins, doujinshi can offer a fresh take on beloved characters and universes, as well as explore new and original storylines. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to doujinshi and the unique world of Japanese independent comics.

The Origins of Doujinshi

The origins of doujinshi can be traced back to the early 1970s, when amateur artists in Japan began creating and selling their own independent comics at fan events. These events were typically focused around popular anime and manga franchises, and the creation and sale of doujinshi was seen as a way for fans to express their love and support for their favorite works.

Over time, the popularity of doujinshi grew, and it soon became a staple of comic conventions in Japan. Today, doujinshi are sold at a variety of events, from anime and manga conventions to specialized doujinshi events, and have gained a massive following both in Japan and around the world.

The Unique Style of Doujinshi

One of the defining characteristics of doujinshi is the fact that they are created by amateur artists. This means that the style and quality of these independent comics can vary greatly, but it also means that they offer a unique and fresh perspective on the world of manga and anime.

Doujinshi often feature characters from popular franchises, but can also explore new and original storylines. Some doujinshi creators choose to put their own spin on existing works, while others create entirely new stories and universes.

Another defining feature of doujinshi is their independent and DIY spirit. These comics are often self-published and self-promoted, which means that they offer a level of creativity and freedom that is not often seen in the world of professional manga and anime.

How to Purchase Doujinshi?

If you are interested in purchasing doujinshi, there are several options available to you. One of the most popular options is to attend a comic convention in Japan, where you can purchase doujinshi directly from the artists.

You can also purchase doujinshi online, either through specialized websites or through online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon Japan. When purchasing doujinshi online, it is important to ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable seller, as there are often counterfeit doujinshi available for sale.

Where should I search for doujins?

There are several most popular sites to buy doujinshi online. Here is a list of doujin websites, people use in Japan to buy them online.


Melonbooks is a specialized retailer for doujinshi products, including manga, dakimakura, anime blu-ray, video games and more. If you want to learn more about this bookstore, we’ve written a guide on how to buy from Melonbooks.


Comic Toranoana is one of the largest doujinshi stores in Japan. They sell many kinds of doujin there, such as manga, video games, figures etc. If you’d like to buy from this site, you will need to use a proxy shopping service. We will be happy to help you with this online store too.

Where to buy used doujinshi?

Besides all the new releases, there are a lot of doujinshi that have already been released. If you are wondering where to buy doujins that have been published years ago, here is a list of the most popular second-hand retailers.


Surugaya is a great place to buy used doujinshi. It is one of the top online and retail stores in Japan that sells Japanese pop culture products. The doujinshi collection in the Surugaya online store is huge but this store doesn’t ship internationally. If you’d like to buy from them, we are here to help. Check out our guide on how to buy from Surugaya here.

Mercari Japan

Mercari is a flea market mobile app and a website where individuals sell new or pre-owned products to individuals. You can find a lot or rare doujinshi for sale on this website. We have a guide for anyone who wants to buy from Mercari Japan.

Yahoo Japan Auctions

Yahoo Japan Auctions is the largest Japanese online auction portal and is an equivalent of eBay in Japan. There are many rare second-hand goods that are put up for auction here, including doujins. Using a shopping service is the best way to bid on auctions real-time. If you would like more information, Remambo has a guide for buying and bidding on Yahoo Auctions Japan.

r/doujinshi, subreddit about doujinshi on Reddit

r/doujinshi on Reddit, as you can guess, is updated with the latest news about doujinshi. This subreddit is in English and users can request to know more information about a specific doujinshi in the stickied request thread for this subreddit.

Is the majority of doujinshi hentai?

Doujinshi are publications that are not restricted by official publishing houses, so due to this fact creators are able to write their favorite character(s) into situations that are not seen in official material. There is a high demand for hentai doujinshi because it allows creators and fans to explore the idea of their favorite characters in a more intimate setting. These situations will be categorized as “Adult only” or (18+). However, if this kind of content is not your style, there are still many doujins that aren’t hentai doujinshi.


Doujinshi is a unique and exciting form of comic storytelling that offers a fresh perspective on the world of manga and anime. Whether you are a fan of existing franchises or are interested in exploring new and original storylines, there is sure to be a doujinshi out there for you.

So why not dive into the world of Japanese independent comics and discover the magic of doujinshi for yourself?

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