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Dakimakura purchase from Japan

Where to buy dakimakura from Japan?

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Today, I'd like to share with you the best online stores where you can buy dakimakura directly from Japan.

Japanese dakimakura are not just pillows with images of anime characters, they represent a unique phenomenon in Japanese pop culture.

Designed to satisfy fantasies and desires, they are a symbol of intimacy and aesthetics at the same time. Often a collector's item, dakimakura reflect the richness and diversity of Japanese manga and anime.

With their unique design and high quality craftsmanship, they are winning the hearts of both Japanese and foreign fans of anime culture.

Best online stores where to buy dakimakura in Japan

Official AmiAmi store logo

AmiAmi is a popular online store specializing in Japanese merchandise for anime and manga fans.
They offer a wide selection of dakimakura, ranging from classic designs to exclusive collectibles. With their reputation as a trustworthy store, AmiAmi has a well-deserved spot on our list.

Dakimakura sold in AmiAmi store sample

BUY Dakimakura from AmiAmi

Official Melonbooks store logo

Melonbooks, a digital mecca for anime fans, offers a vast array of merchandise, including anime, manga, figures, and dakimakura.
With a wide selection of items featuring your favorite characters, from figures to badges and posters, there's something to suit every taste on this site.

Dakimakura sold in Melonbooks store sample

BUY Dakimakura from Melonbooks

Official Melonbooks store logo

Buying anime merchandise, including dakimakura, from Mercari offers many benefits:

  • A wide selection of sellers allows you to find items at a variety of prices, making shopping more affordable for different budgets.
  • Reviews and seller ratings provide additional confidence in the quality and reliability of the merchandise, allowing you to make an informed choice.
  • Access to millions of merchandises, including exclusive and rare collectibles.
Dakimakura sold Mercari Japan

BUY Dakimakura from Mercari

Official Suruga-ya store logo

Suruga-ya is an online store in Japan that specializes in selling a variety of items including game soft, figures, manga, and more.

They offer a wide selection of both new and used goods, among which you can find rare and collectible items.

Dakimakura sold on Suruga-ya

BUY Dakimakura from Suruga-ya

International shipping

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Unfortunately, all these stores do not ship internationally and are limited to those who have a domestic Japanese address, but that doesn't mean that your location should limit your shopping.

So if you want to buy from websites listed in this article, you will need to use a proxy shopping service, such as Remambo.

Ordering items from these websites is really simple with Remambo.

Our proxy shopping service helps tens of thousands of people living outside Japan buy goods from Japanese online stores that are usually impossible to purchase from when overseas.

You can also read our HOW TO BUY guides about shopping at different online stores in Japan, and if you have any questions, our Customer Support Team will be happy to answer all your questions.

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