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How to buy from Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the largest online shopping malls in Japan. Millions of Japanese products are being sold here: clothes, style items, fashion items, accessories, cosmetics, electronics etc. If you want to purchase goods from Rakuten without any limits, use our Remambo service.

Rakuten international shipping

Rakuten has Rakuten Global Market (English version), which operates with stores that can deal with foreign customers and ship internationally. However, there are still a lot of domestic stores that remain unavailable for non-Japanese buyers.

You will have to use a proxy purchase service like Remambo to be able to have your orders from Rakuten delivered to you. Also, Remambo proxy buying service can group your orders from different stores and sellers together and ship them as a single international package, so you will be able to save on shipping costs from Japan to your address!

How to order on Rakuten from abroad?

Rakuten items and categories search is buit in our system, so you can browse for you favorite Japanese goods just right from our website. Placing order is very simple: just open item's page and click "Place order" button. Don't forget to leave your comments about the size, colour etc.

Use Remambo Japan Shopping Service for buying from Japanese Rakuten

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