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How to Choose and Buy a Saxophone from Japan: Guide for Beginners

Table of Contents

1. What to look for when buying a saxophone?
2. Which saxophones are worth considering first?
3. Why are Japanese saxophones best for beginners?
4. Where and how to buy a saxophone from Japan?
5. Benefits of Buying Saxophones on Yahoo Auctions Japan
6. Shipping
7. FAQ: Japanese Saxophones for Beginners


Choosing the right saxophone can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. With the vast array of options available, it's important to make an informed decision to ensure you get an instrument that suits your needs and helps you progress in your musical journey.

Japanese saxophones have garnered a stellar reputation for their exceptional quality, reliability, and craftsmanship. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to choosing and buying a saxophone from Japan, tailored specifically for beginners.

Whether you're buying your first saxophone or upgrading from a rental, this guide will help you make a confident and well-informed decision.

Additionally, we will discuss the advantages of purchasing saxophones through Japanese online marketplaces, ensuring you find the best deals and a wide selection of instruments to choose from.

What to look for when buying a saxophone?

For beginner saxophonists, it is best to start with the alto saxophone.

Many educational programs and resources are geared towards the alto saxophone, making the learning process easier. Starting with the alto saxophone allows musicians to transition smoothly to other types of saxophones, expanding their opportunities.

The Alto saxophone is medium in size and weight, which makes it more comfortable and easier to handle compared to other types.

1. Ergonomics: Prioritize saxophones with comfortable key placement and smooth action to ensure ease of play and reduced fatigue during long sessions.

2. Appearance: Consider the aesthetic appeal of the saxophone, including finishes and engravings, to align with personal style and preferences.

2. Brand Reputation: Choose from reputable brands with a history of quality craftsmanship, reliable performance, and strong customer support for a trusted investment.

Which saxophones are worth considering first

Yamaha YAS-280

This saxophone is known for its ease of use and quality sound.
Ideal for beginners.

Yamaha YAS-280

+ High-quality construction.
+ Lightweight and easy to handle for beginners.
+ Excellent tuning and intonation.
+ Reliable mechanism and durability.

- Price may be higher compared to other beginner models.
- Limited room for growth if planning to advance to a professional level.

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Yanagisawa A-WO1

High-quality sound and a professional feel from the beginning.

Yanagisawa A-WO1

+ Excellent sound quality suitable for all music genres.
+ Superb craftsmanship and durability.
+ Suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

- Slightly heavier than other beginner models, which might affect comfort for some users.
- May require more time to master due to its professional level.

The Yanagisawa A-WO1 is distinguished by its professional sound quality, making it an ideal choice for those planning to take their saxophone playing seriously.

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Yamaha YAS-280 — The most user-friendly and reliable, perfect for beginners looking for simplicity and quality.

Yanagisawa A-WO1 — Best for those who want to start with a high-quality instrument and plan to advance to a professional level.

Your choice of saxophone depends on your goals and budget.
If you want an easy and reliable start, the Yamaha YAS-280 is an excellent choice.

For those planning to pursue music seriously, the Yanagisawa A-WO1 offers a more professional sound.

Saxophone for beginners from Japan

Why are Japanese saxophones best for beginners?

Preference for recognizable saxophone brands will ensure high quality sound and reliability of the instrument.

Quality and reliability: Japanese manufacturers such as Yamaha and Yanagisawa are known for their strict quality control and high reliability of instruments. This is important for beginners as the instrument should be stable and durable.

Intonation and sound: apanese saxophones typically have excellent intonation and a clean sound, which helps beginner musicians develop proper auditory perception and playing skills.

Support and availability: For example, Yamaha has a wide network of distributors and service centers worldwide, ensuring easy access to maintenance and spare parts.

Ease of playing: Japanese saxophones often feature ergonomic designs, making the learning process easier and the playing experience more comfortable.

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Where and how to buy a saxophone from Japan?

Rakuten Market

Rakuten Market is one of Japan's largest online marketplaces, offering a wide selection of saxophones from various brands.


Mercari is a popular online marketplace in Japan where individuals can buy and sell used goods, including saxophones. This platform often features unique deals and rare finds, making it a great place to search for second-hand instruments.

Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo Shopping is another extensive online platform in Japan, known for its variety and competitive prices. It offers a user-friendly interface making it easy to find and purchase saxophones from reputable sellers.

Yahoo Auctions

This auction is one of the most visited websites in Japan, so you can be sure to find what you are looking for here. Sellers list millions of items of all types of brands, including makers who are still unknown to the general public.

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Benefits of Buying Saxophones on Yahoo Auctions Japan

Availability and Selection

Yahoo Japan Auctions offer a wide selection of saxophones from various models and manufacturers. This allows you to find an instrument that perfectly suits your requirements and budget.

Availability and Selection

Prices for saxophones on Yahoo Japan Auctions are often lower than in regular stores due to the large number of sellers and competition between them.

BUY saxophones from Yahoo Auctions

International shipping

Unfortunately, ordering these saxophones from Japanese stores is only possible with a domestic address in Japan, but that doesn't mean that your location should limit your shopping.

So if you want to buy saxophone from websites listed on here, you will need to use a proxy service, such as Remambo.

Ordering saxophones is really simple with Remambo.

Our proxy shopping service helps thousands of people living outside Japan buy from Japanese online stores that are usually impossible to purchase from when overseas.

You can also read our HOW TO BUY guides about shopping at different online stores in Japan, and if you have any questions, our customer support team will be happy to answer your questions.

FAQ: Japanese Saxophones for Beginners

1. Why should I choose a Japanese saxophone as a beginner?

Japanese saxophones are known for their exceptional build quality, reliability, and ease of play, making them ideal for beginners.

2. What are some recommended Japanese saxophone models for beginners?

The Yamaha YAS-280 and Yanagisawa A-WO1 are excellent beginner models, praised for their affordability, craftsmanship, and sound quality.

3. Are Japanese saxophones worth the investment for beginners?

Yes, because their high-quality construction and ease of play provide a better learning experience and long-term value.